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Health care systems are characterized by a high density of regulations like almost no other sector of the economy. This is justified, above all, by the fact that the life and health of the population are directly affected and that the great number of interests of the various parties involved in care must be brought to the maximum possible development. Therefore, the legal requirements for health care providers are correspondingly complex.

In addition, the framework conditions are subject to constant change. In addition to external factors, increasing demands of society for healthcare services are driving this steady evolution.

In order to capitalize on the resulting strategic opportunities, we provide a legally sound and economically reasonable advice.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical device law
  • Advertising and Competition Law for healthcare products and services
  • Intellectual property and copyright law
  • public commercial law
  • Healthcare compliance / anti-corruption
  • Professional law and license to practice
  • Doctoral law / hospital law
  • Civil and criminal medical liability
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution